Auditor in London

AccountsCo is a Statutory Auditor in London

AccountsCo is the trading name of PG&E ProfessionalServices Ltd.

AccountsCo is registered to carry on audit work in the UK by The Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales. You can see details about our audit registration at under registration number C00223994.

We specialise in statutory audits

We specialise in helping non-UK clients set up and expand their services in the UK. We conduct statutory audits and assurance assignments for UK companies that are part of an international group or UK companies that have been set up by overseas investors or entrepreneurs.

Statutory audits of UK companies

Most of our audit work arises from a legal requirement for a UK limited company to have an audit. For example, because the company is over a certain size.  (Companies with any two of – turnover of more than £10.2 million, assets of more than £5.1 million, more than 50 employees – need an audit). We also carry out audits because the UK company is part of a larger group that is listed on a stock exchange.

Audits or assurance assignments for overseas companies or investors

We also conduct audit or assurance assignments for overseas holding companies or overseas investors that want to know that the accounts of their UK company are correct. Usually, we do this when shareholders who own 10% or more of the shares request it. (It’s a legal requirement to have an audit if 10% or more of the shareholders demand it).

Service charge audits

We also carry out service charge audits and certifications for residential property management companies and organisations. All our certification work is carried out in accordance with Tech 03/11 and other applicable guidelines.

UK audit services tailored to your needs

We will tailor our audit, assurance or certification service to meet your needs.

Of course, we will always carry out our work in accordance with international auditing standards and best practices. But, if you need us to focus on a particular area, then we will. Likewise, for routine engagements, we will conduct our work sensitively and with as little disruption as is possible to your business.

Need an audit?

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