Small companies and start ups

We help New Zealanders and other people born outside of the UK start businesses in the UK, Ireland and Europe

We provide UK, Irish and European accounting, tax and start-up services to businesses owned by New Zealand and other non-UK entrepreneurs. We were voted “Best UK Adviser to European Start Ups” because of our expertise in this area. We believe that we do this well because we:

  • deal with non-UK businesses operating in the UK and Europe on a daily basis
  • understand the UK aspects of international trade, tax, VAT, residence and employment law
  • understand the complications of other countries and the UK wanting to tax you
  • have a good knowledge of other countries tax laws
  • don’t assume that you understand the UK and European rules and regulations

Assistance with starting up

We provide assistance with all aspects of our clients’ tax and accounting affairs, from company set up through to company closure.

International expertise

We deal with international VAT, tax, duties and payroll issues on a daily basis.

English may not be your first language

We usually have a staff member available that can discuss matters with you in your language.

Two countries may want to tax you

Your home country and the country in which your new business is in will probably wish to be involved in your affairs and both may want to tax you. We understand international tax law and can help you do things right so that you pay as little tax as you are allowed to.

You may not know the UK or the European rules

We do not assume that you understand the UK or the European rules and regulations.