UK Imports

We help overseas businesses with their UK imports

We are a firm of UK Chartered Accountants, Chartered Tax Advisors & Registered Auditors that specialise in helping international businesses operate in the UK. One of our key services is to provide advice on all matters relating to imports into the UK (UK Imports).

    We have the expertise & licences to help you with your UK imports

    • Understand UK import procedures
    • Apply for customs licences
    • Calculate customs & excise duties
    • Implement strong import processes
    • Set up a duty deferment account
    • Write international contracts

    We believe that we are particularly suited to international businesses because we deal with non-UK businesses operating in the UK on a daily basis. This means that we understand the UK aspects of international trade, how UK imports work, tax, VAT, customs duties and law and that we have a good knowledge of many other countries’ rules and regulations.


    We specialise in helping companies with their UK import procedures

    Our expertise is with international businesses that operate in the UK. We deal with international matters daily & we understand the UK aspects of international trade, imports, accounting, tax, payroll and VAT. We know how international trade works & we have a good working knowledge of other countries’ rules and regulations. We have a strong partner network so, if there’s something we can’t help you with, we can usually direct you to someone that can.


    We have a depth of expertise & experience that makes us stand out

    We are a small team of dedicated finance professionals that are either qualified customs experts, accountants or tax advisors or are studying toward a relevant qualification. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and we are entirely focussed on helping you to succeed & to provide you with as high-quality service as we possibly can. As a business and as individuals we are highly regarded and widely recognised within our market.


    Best UK Advisor to Overseas Entrepreneurs

    Finance Monthly Magazine – M&A Awards 2019

    What they say

    AccountsCo helped us prepare all the IMPORT procedures in view of Brexit”

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